The Tories will take minority control of Cherwell District Council following a crunch meeting yesterday evening (May 23).

The Progressive Oxfordshire Group - a coalition of Green, Lib Dem, and Independent councillors - will remain as the official opposition.

It follows Labour’s decision last week to pull out of negotiations to form a coalition with the Liberal Democrats, the Green Party, and the Independents.

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Liberal Democrat leader David Hingley said he was ‘very disappointed’ but told Labour the door to a coalition ‘remains open’.

He said: “We remain very disappointed with the outcome this evening. The Conservatives are on borrowed time.

“At any point, if Banbury Labour group can persuade their political masters in the Labour NEC to see sense, together we can remove the Tories and create a majority progressive alliance. Our door remains open.”

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It follows reports earlier in the week that the Labour party national executive had vetoed coalition plans with the Liberal Democrats and the Greens.

Labour leader Sean Woodcock said: “At the recent set of elections the residents of Cherwell delivered a damning verdict against the local Conservative run council and the Conservative Government.

“As the second largest party, we took our democratic responsibility seriously and attempted to form an administration.

“However, the so called ‘progressive Oxfordshire’ took the decision to abstain. Not only did this deny their residents a voice in who runs the council, but also handed power back to the Conservatives.

“Whist we are obviously disappointed, we will continue to work tirelessly to scrutinise the minority Conservative administration to deliver the best deal for our residents and the people of Cherwell.”