A new Turkish style restaurant has opened in Bicester after a ceremony took place in the town.

The eatery named Zayka was officially opened by mayor of Bicester Harry Knight on May 18.

Bicester Advertiser:

The new restaurant can be found on Church Street. 

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The opening ceremony began at 4pm and diners could enjoy a 15 per cent discount on food and drinks.

Zayka is situated in one of the oldest pubs in Bicester.

The restaurant is serving a mixture of Turkish and Lebanese style food.

Bicester Advertiser:

Starters on offer include hummus with homemade Turkish bread and grilled halloumi cheese served with salad.

The mains include a mix of grilled meats and fish.

There are also vegetarian options on the menu including a barley risotto.

Bicester Advertiser:

According to their website, Zayka "was set up by a group of like-minded foodies who have always liked to eat, drink, and create amazing food together."

The webiste adds: "Our hobby quickly led us to opening this Turkish Restaurant, a place where people from all over United Kingdom can meet to enjoy our special dishes and comfortable atmosphere."