A new bubble tea store is set to open in Bicester town centre in the coming weeks.

NAI NAI will open on Sheep Street in between the Salvation Army charity shop and Sam Old School Barbers.

The new store is currently in the process of hiring staff and hopes to open within the next two weeks, but an opening date has yet to be confirmed.

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Owner Waqqar Ahmed said: “There are no bubble tea shops in Bicester town centre. It’s the first one and everyone in the community seems excited.

“It was a no-brainer. In Oxford there are like 10, probably even more, and Bicester doesn’t have any.

“Bicester Village has a big Asian community and generally bubble tea right now everyone is going crazy for.

“When we did some market research we spoke to some Bicester locals and they were all super excited so we decided to go for it.”

Signs have gone up on the new storefront after being made by Bicester-based company D27 Vinyl Wrapping.

The vinyl wrapping business said: “Great to see a recent project we completed now in place above the doors of a local shop in preparation for their opening in a few weeks.

“NAI NAI will be serving bubble tea and desserts in Bicester, so make sure you pop down, if not for a bubble tea, just to take a look at the pretty sign out front.”