Another round of teacher strikes by the National Education Union (NEU) is set to take place tomorrow (April 27) and May 2 in England.

It comes as a pay agreement failed to be met following strikes earlier this year in February and March.

On April 3, the teacher’s union rejected the government’s latest pay offer.

More than half of England's 22,000 schools have either closed or partially closed during previous strikes, reports the BBC.

In case you’re wondering if your local school is shut, we have put together a list of local authorities you can contact to see how you will be affected.

How to check if your school is shut during NEU teacher strikes

As well as checking on the website of your local authority, your school’s website may also have the most recent closure information, The Metro reports.

The schools are also like to post updates on their social media pages.


The school closures in Bedfordshire can be checked on the Central Bedfordshire website.


Buckinghamshire Council school closures will be published on an updated list on the council website which will be available straight away during April 27 and May 2.


To find out what schools are shut in Cornwall, the council is not publishing a list of affected schools and instead recommends contacting your individual school to find out its status during the strikes.


A full list of all school closures on strike days is available on Cambridge County Council’s website.

County Durham

Visit Durham County Council’s website to see the full list of schools affected.


The school statuses on strike days in Cumbria can be found in a list here.


Derbyshire County Council has published a list of schools that are closed or partially closed on April 27 and May 4.


Devon County Council have provided a full list of schools that will be partially shut or completely shut on their website.


A list of school statuses has been put together by Dorset Council here.

East Sussex

The exact status of affected schools in East Sussex will be provided at 3.30pm the day before each day of the strikes on the East Sussex County Council website.

It’s been advised you should also check individual school websites for advance information.


The full list of school closures will be posted at 6pm the day before each day of the teacher strikes on the Essex County Council website.

It’s also recommended that parents and cares should contact individual school for more information.


A full list of affected schools can be found on Gloucestershire County Council’s website on strike days – this list is regularly updated.


A full list is available on the Hampshire County Council’s website.


Herefordshire County Council is currently only offering a live system that shows if a school is currently open or closed.

It’s recommended to check with individual schools.

Bicester Advertiser: Has your local school been affected by the NEU teacher strikes?Has your local school been affected by the NEU teacher strikes? (Image: Canva)


Kent County Council website offers a search tool that shows if a school is currently open or closed.

Parents should check with individual schools to see how they are affected.


Lancashire County Council will release a list showing which schools will be affected by the strikes on April 27 and May 2.


Lincolnshire County Council will not be listing any schools during the teach strikes so it will be best to check with your individual school.


You can check with individual schools or your local authority to see what schools are open or shut during the strikes.


There is no full list of school closures for the strikes on Merseyside County Council’s website.

Again, the advice is to check with your local school.


Norfolk County Council also has no available list of affected schools at the moment, the advice is to check with your local school.


Neither North Northamptonshire County Council or West Northamptonshire County Council will be offering lists on strike days.

The councils say it’s up to the individual schools to notify parents and carers.


Nottinghamshire County Council has no information provided on website for strikes on April 27 and May 2.

The advice is to check with your local school.


Northumberland County Council’s website has a list of school closures for strike days.


Oxfordshire Council says it will not be providing a list of school closures due to the strike action, instead the website asks parents to “wait for advice from your child’s school.”


Schools that will be partially or fully closed due to strike action can be found on a list on Shropshire County Council’s website.


A full list that is updated regularly for school closures during the strikes can be found on Somerset County Council’s website.


View the list of school closures on Staffordshire County Council’s website.


Suffolk County Council recommends parents and carers to check individual schools’ websites for closure statuses during the strikes.


Surrey County Council asks parents and carers to check individual schools’ websites.

Bicester Advertiser: NEU teachers also took part in strikes in February and March this yearNEU teachers also took part in strikes in February and March this year (Image: Canva)


East Sussex County Council said it will update its list after 3.30pm on the day before any strikes take place.

Although, the advice is to contact individual schools.


A list of all school closures is available on Warwickshire Council’s website.


Currently, Wiltshire Council doesn’t have a published list of school closures.

Contact individual schools for more information on closures due to strikes.


Worcestershire County Council website has a list of school closures on strike days which can be found here.


The advice given is to check with individual Yorkshire schools on their status during strike days.

The Education Secretary is encouraging teachers to inform their school leaders in advance whether they intend to take strike action or not, to help schools and families plan ahead.

According to the BBC, head teachers will decide whether to shut schools and some parents may only be told about a closure on the morning of the strike once staff numbers are known.

Some schools may also be offering remote learning, however, this is not compulsory.