Oxford University students are demanding that feminist academic Kathleen Stock be ‘no-platformed’ due to her views on gender identity.

The LGTBQ+ Society at the university has made the request after she was invited to speak at the Oxford Union next month.

Dr Stock, who is a graduate of Oxford herself, has previously been accused of transphobia, according to reports. 

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The society posted on Facebook that it was ‘dismayed’ and ‘appalled’ that the feminist academic had been asked to speak at the university.

They claimed that this was ‘stoking fear’ amongst the trans community right before Pride month.

Dr Stock has labelled the statement by the LGBTQ+ Society as "utterly ridiculous" and "probably defamatory" in a social media post. 

In a direct comment aimed at the society, she said: "This statement contains several falsehoods and though I'm not a lawyer, I think it is probably defamatory."


The feminist academic has previously supported views that when it comes to the law and policy, the way that a person identifies should not necessarily outweigh their biological sex.

In October 2021 Dr Stock was targeted by activists at the University of Sussex who disagreed with her views.

It comes after feminist artist Rachel Ara was stopped from talking at Oxford Brookes University by the Oxford Brookes LGBTQ+ Society in November 2019 due to accusations of being 'transphobic'.

The artist denied all allegations of being transphobic.

She said at the time: "The whole thing is upsetting and annoying.

"I am gay myself and have been an active member of the community of years.

"I have been going to marches for years."