An Oxfordshire wildlife group took part in a protest against badger culling in the UK.

Oxfordshire Badger Group OBG) joined the Badger Trust in its nationwide campaign to spread awareness of the issue.

The OBG is a registered charity that works to celebrate and protect badgers in Oxfordshire.

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The group posted on social media: “It’s horrendous that badgers are being killed across the county of Oxfordshire.

“We work with some amazing landowners that want an alternative to killing.”

Badger culling is currently permitted under a license and within a set area and timescale.

But the Badger Trust is opposed to what they consider the ‘random slaughter of badgers’ in return for what they describe as a relatively small impact on bovine tuberculosis.

Bovine tuberculosis affects cattle and some people believe that its spread in the UK is correlated with the lack of badger control.


Badgers are amongst the most legally protected wild animals in the UK and are shielded under the Protection of Badgers Act 1992.