Fears have been raised that a higher frequency of trains travelling through Bicester will leave homeowners “cut off” from the rest of the town.

The new East-West Rail (EWR) route, which connects Oxford, Milton Keynes, Bedford and Cambridge, will mean that more trains run across the London Road level crossing in Bicester.

EWR said it expected to give an update on the crossing in May.

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Oxfordshire County Council have said the new line will mean the crossing will be closed for about 50 minutes every hour during peak times.

A homeowner who has lived next to the crossing for 88 years is worried that the long-wait time will leave her isolated.

"It's unbelievable," she told the BBC. "We're just going to be cut off completely."

She added that suggestions of a bridge or underpass were not viable due to the weak foundations of the houses.

Carole Hetherington, chair of Langford Village Community Association said: "We want to hear some concrete plans. I understand they have come up with some sort of solution, but they are not sharing that information.

"Everybody has said it has just gone on for so long without any viable solutions and we do need to see what EWR are suggesting."

EWR said: "You may have seen that [the] Spring Budget mentioned a route update announcement (Bedford to Cambridge) in May.

"We're expecting this will also include updates for other sections of the line, including the London Road level crossing and feedback on the 2021 public consultation."