Dozens of branches of McDonald’s in Oxfordshire have been slammed by dissatisfied customers.

Despite the chain being loved by many, the majority of our local restaurants have one star 'terrible' reviews on TripAdvisor after people shared their experience of wrong orders, hour-long waits for deliveries, rude staff and cold food.

Here is just a flavour of those damning verdicts:

McDonald’s at Ducklington Lane, Witney

31 out of 74 reviews were ‘terrible’

Bicester Advertiser:

One said: "It is totally obvious why they can't cope that is because of all the deliveries for Deliveroo and Just Eat orders. If they spent the same amount of attention on their customers in the restaurant they might not get so many complaints. Remember you are meant to be a fast food establishment lol."

McDonald's at Baynards Green Roundabout, Bicester

20 out of 47 reviews were 'terrible'

Bicester Advertiser:

Stuart H: "Stopped to charge the car. Store was closed due to a card fault so used the drive thru! No issues. Went to the door to see if they would let our daughter use the toilet (it had been a long drive). The rudest old lady was sat in her Modus outside stuffing her face. Stated she was a member of staff. We asked if they could let us in so our daughter could use the toilet - her growl/reply "No - we are not a services love". Then back to stuffing her face!!!"

CHjimt: "Worst McDonald's in the UK. Every time we've been we have had issues."

G Jessp: "I ordered from home and when it showed up they thought it would be funny to put to drinks in instead of my actual order. I am fuming then the lady on the phone said I can't do nothing about it and laughed down the phone appalling behavior.

McDonald's at 298 London Road, Headington, Oxford 

7 out of 23 reviews were 'terrible'

Bicester Advertiser:

One said: "Don't order delivery. Ordered for delivery from this branch and the fries were missing from both meals. We informed them of this and they just didn't care. No offer of refund or even an apology. Lost a customer for good with this behaviour."

McDonald's at Botley Road, Botley, Oxford

11 out of 38 reviews were 'terrible'

One said: "Rude manager stressing the staff out. Manager guy shouting at staff at the coffee machine made my son cry. Very rude to the young workers keep stressing them out making them even more confused."

Another said: "Don't go early. Waste of time. Opening hours not accurate. Not open. All signage said open from 5am. Sat shivering in cold from 5.25am until 6am when staff deigned to open store. Claimed signage needs to be updated but seems a bit late to update signage after amending opening hours."

McDonald's at 1 Colwell Drive, Abingdon

One said: "Shocking. This level of disgusting takes a while to perfect! When it’s not just one thing, you know there is a problem with the standards of this franchise."

McDonald's at Milton Heights, Milton, Abingdon

One said: "Avoid, awful experience. Ordered drive thru. No fizzy drinks available at all, made to wait in the car park for food & there were no parking spaces. When food finally arrived we got home to find half of it missing from our order. Shambles."

McDonald's at Lakeview Drive, Bicester

49 terrible reviews

Bicester Advertiser:

One said: "Ordered via the McDonalds app. Got home following collection of our food to find the fries missing. Drove back from the other side of Bicester to collect the fries whilst the food goes cold at home. In the dullest, most monotone manner the assistant manager bluntly stated that the fries can be done but not a replacement meal as I didn’t bring the one at home in to swap?! What planet is he on?! I said “so you want me to go back home AGAIN to pick up the freezing cold meal to swap?” to which he says “yeah”. 
He eventually got me half of the fries that I asked for - other half were probably split with the guy next to me since he also had to complain about having only half of his food."


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Profile: Miranda Norris Journalists news from the Oxford Mail

Profile: Miranda Norris Journalists news from the Oxford Mail