Lorraine Kelly was forced to plead for help on her ITV show on Thursday after losing her voice on the air. 

The popular morning show was thrown into chaos with a last-minute presenter shake-up with TV doctor Hilary Jones forced to stand in. 

Good Morning Britain presenters Kate Garraway and Ben Shephard gave viewers a daily preview of Lorraine's programme around 45 minutes before she was due to go on air.

However, the anchors were met with a desperate Lorraine holding a sign that revealed she was unable to speak.

Smiling, Lorraine held a sign to the camera which read: "I've lost my voice, Hilary can you take over?"

The fan-favourite medic swooped in to introduce what was coming up on the programme when it began at 9 am.

Dr Hilary told fans how he would be assisted by Dr Amir when the show begins at 9am.

The presenters appeared amused by Lorraine's sign with Kate teasing: "I'll be like watching it on subtitles."

Lorraine pleads with ITV viewers after losing voice on air

Lorraine also took to Twitter pleading with fans to share their tips and tricks to help with her voice. 

The presenter wrote: "HELP! I’ve lost my voice - any cures that have worked for you (and yes - well aware some might say me not able to talk can only be a blessing."

Viewers raced to her comments with remedies to help.

MP Jess Phillips commented: "Put a straw in a glass of water and hum.@StephanieHirst taught me this".

A second fan chimed in: "Lozenges, steam inhalation, salt water gargling and clearing nasal passages with a nasal douche. Good luck!"

A third wrote: "Mix a Lemsip with a nip of Highland Park and a spoon of honey local to where you are staying - top with hot water and you’re away."

It comes after Lorriane was forced from the air last month after falling ill before her programme when she was replaced by Ranvir Singh.