The impact of the proposed development of Bicester Village on traffic will range from ‘manageable to severe’, a report suggests.

Motion, a consultancy company specialising in transport, planning, water, infrastructure submitted a traffic assessment on the public planning portal.

Bicester Village are planning to build a multi-storey carpark, an additional 2,690 square metres of floor space and a new cycle parking.

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Residents claim the report confirms their fears about the development.

One resident said: “There really is no good outcome for the people of Bicester.

“During rush hour there will be standing traffic ranging from half a kilometre up until the motorway as well.

“Their own consultants are acknowledging that there will be an impact on traffic.”

The flows used in the assessment suggest there will be a 20 per cent uplift in traffic flow as a result of the development.

One proposed option is to reduce the Oxford Road approach to the Middleton Stoney / Oxford Road junction to a single lane.

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But the report states: “This will result in severe queues.

“These would extend south of Vendee Drive towards M40 Junction 9 and beyond Junction 9 in some instances.

The preferred option in the report is a Future-Proofed scheme.

The report states: “The Future-Proofed scheme provides capacity such that in the absence of the Toucan crossings being used / provided, there is sufficient capacity to retain queues and delays on Oxford at manageable levels.”

An increase in traffic is one of the main concerns raised by residents objecting to the planning application on Cherwell District Council’s planning portal.

One concerned resident, Sarah Shanahan wrote on the public planning portal: “The Oxford Road roundabout already suffers from significant congestions and pollution levels already exceed the current limits.

“The impact of this on local residents will be catastrophic- it would lead to significantly more traffic, congestion and pollution.”

Another resident, Nicolas Dolden added on the portal: “The development by its very nature will increase traffic volumes on Oxford Road and will further diminish air quality in an area that has unacceptably high pollution levels.

“If the car park element of the development is approved this will necessitate significant financial spend on the Middleton Stoney Roundabout as the current road configuration could not support such a development.

“Traffic is often gridlocked in Bicester and as other responders have pointed out, near miss collisions are often narrowly avoided.

“The new development will inevitably worsen the current position and it is difficult to see how the suggested Middleton Stoney Roundabout will provide adequate mitigation.”

Bicester Village has been contacted for comment.