Today is National Offer Day when Year 6 pupils across the country will find out which secondary school has offered them a place for September.

Most parents and children across Oxfordshire have been offered their first choice of secondary school for 2023/24.

In Oxfordshire a total of 86.69 per cent (6,172) of parents and carers who made an application have been awarded their first choice.

A total of 96.36 per cent (6,861) of applicants have been offered one of their preferred four choices they listed.

Councillor Liz Brighouse, Oxfordshire County Council’s cabinet member for children, Education and Youth Services, said: "Our school admissions team and pupil place planners have done an excellent job in ensuring that so many parents and children have been offered their first choice.

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“I am grateful to the team for its hard work.

"Our aim as a council is to give every child a good start in life and our school admissions team certainly play its part in that year in, year out.”

The council added that there are likely to be some children who do not take up their offered place and so more families will be offered a higher choice school before the end of term.

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This year’s national figures will not be published until later in the year.

Last year nationally 94.4 per cent of applicants received an offer from one of their top three choices, while 83.3 per cent were offered their first-choice secondary school.