Two students who participated in a protest against gender neutral uniform at a school near Banbury have been suspended.

Students protested on Friday, February 24 against The Warriner’s School’s proposal for all pupils to wear “black tailored trousers” and a ban on skirts from September 2023.

Police response officers were called to the site in Bloxham and the school was forced to close early last Friday.

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The executive headteacher Annabel Kay issued an apology on Friday and said the school would ensure there was a “structured consultation with the whole school community” before a new gender neutral uniform was made compulsory for all.

Two anonymous students at the school have since told the Oxford Mail they have been suspended.

One of the students said they missed their French mock exam because of the punishment.

They said: “Today, I returned to school expecting to have a conversation about my actions at the protest, which then did happen.

“I had told my head of year everything that I did and told them it was not me who threw the object.

“I then received a call from my dad telling me that the school has suspended me for the day and to go home.

“I’ve missed my French mock exam today which is not fair and this was just dismissed.

“I’m not sure as to what I was suspended for.”

Another student, who was also suspended, said: “I think they are just trying to get rid of all the instigators.

“People like my friend and me who have the influence to start another protest again.”

One of the students said it was still possible they could face expulsion if they did not remove videos of the protest which they posted online.

In a statement to parents, Ms Kay acknowledged the school had “underestimated the strength of feeling on this issue” and recognised they had not “properly engaged or consulted with all parents and students”.

A parent of a child at the school, Miriam Ager, told the Oxford Mail: “I think the proposals were a thinly veiled attempt to pass draconian measures to limit access to choice and individuality, under the guise of ‘woke’ measures which purported to aim for a gender neutral approach."

Ms Ager said the letter sent out to parents had a “real female shaming agenda” and this was “contrary to the guise of being inclusive and respectful to all pupils”.

Ms Ager said she did not believe the headteacher should resign because of the “knee jerk reaction” but applauded the students for “effecting change in the only way that was left to them after they were denied access to a democratic process of consultation and reflection”.

There has since been calls on social media for the headteacher to resign.

A statement on the school website says staff were concerned the protest had distracted students from their studies.

It tells parents: “On the run up to this important exam period it's now vital that we work together to minimise any further disruption to young people’s education at this critical time.

“We would ask that you speak to your child and help us return to delivering our responsible and respectful learning environment on Monday.”

A Thames Valley Police spokeswoman said: “We received a report of a disturbance at The Warriner School in Bloxham at around 9.10am on Friday, February 24.

“Neighbourhood and response officers attended to ensure the safety of students and staff. No arrests have been made.”

The Warriner School has been approached for comment.