Jurors struggled to hold back tears as they watched the victim of ‘clickbait gym journalist’ Robin Young cry in the public gallery.

The woman, who was in primary school when she was subjected to repeated sexual assaults by the 39-year-old, returned to Oxford Crown Court on Friday to watch the jury unanimously convict her abuser of all six charges.

The jury was left visibly moved by the woman, who sat in the public gallery in courtroom four.

At least one juror could be seen wiping tears from his eyes with a paper tissue as he looked towards where the woman was sitting.

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Remanding him in custody, Recorder John Ryder KC told the goatee bearded defendant: “You have been convicted of gravely serious offences, reflecting your indulgence of yourself for sexual purposes by using a child.

“You gave no thought to her long-term welfare or interests.”

The judge ordered a pre-sentence report from the probation service.

He told the probation officer in court he wanted the report to consider how much of a danger Young – who runs a website selling gym equipment and hosting ‘clickbait-style’ articles about the products - posed to children and adult women.

Young, of Grimsbury Square, Bodicote, will be sentenced on March 17.

During the trial, the jury heard that police were tipped off about Young’s sexual interest in children after his former partner raised concerns with a support worker in late 2020.

It came after she had allegedly been on a video call with Young and saw a young girl in the background raising her dress to reveal that she was not wearing underwear.

Young’s ex told the support worker that, several years earlier in 2014, her then partner had confessed to her that he had ‘sexual urges for young girls’ and had ‘done things’ to one girl.

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That young girl was contacted by detectives. She disclosed a number of assaults, including oral rape and multiple other occasions when Young had molested her.

Lawyers for Young argued that the allegations were a fabrication.

Alan Gardner KC, for the defendant, put it to his client’s former partner that she was ‘putting things into Mr Young’s mouth you think will help will assist in relation to your relationship break-up’. “Absolutely not,” she replied.

The jury was told that the woman had found a pair of her mother’s underwear in a drawer in her home office. When she was later told by her mum that Young had sent a sexual text message to his mother-in-law in 2018, it was ‘like a bubble burst’, she said.

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