UK travellers have been warned to make one vital pre-holiday check before jetting off in 2023 to avoid being disappointed at the airport.

Everyone is being urged to check the blank pages in their passport before they leave for their getaway this year.

Since the UK left the EU, Brits travelling abroad must follow the Schengen are requirements for trips to anywhere in the EU except the Republic of Ireland.

And one travel expert has highlighted a rule relating to blank passport pages which people must be aware of.

Bicester Advertiser:

Speaking to the Mirror, Cody Candee, founder of luggage storage company Bounce, said: “If you run out of blank passport pages you will have to renew your passport sooner than your renewal date.

“Some countries, such as Italy, require a fully blank visa page for valid entry, while others, such as South Africa require at least two.

“Be sure to check the requirements of your chosen destination before traveling so that you don’t get caught out.”

You can renew or replace your passport online via the Government website here.

However, Mr Candee also warned travellers of fake websites which are proving a major problem and costing people money.

He said: “These websites attempt to charge users £20 - £100 on top of the official passport fee, by offering additional ‘validation’ services.

“When applying for a new passport, be cautious of these types of websites, and be sure only to use trusted sources.

"For example, the Post Office's Check & Send Service offers in-depth passport application guidance, from specially trained Postmasters."