TikTok can never get enough of a quiz so here's how you can play the latest test to find out whether you are a soldier, poet or a king. 

The personality test has recently gained popularity on the social media platform with users flocking to share their results. 

Inspired by The Oh Hellos song of the same name, the quirky quiz was created by Nour (@oceanknives on TikTok and Instagram).

So, the question is - are you a soldier, poet or king? Here's how you can find out. 

@oceanknives hello i made the soldier poet king quiz address all your complaints to me 🙏 also im new to tiktok pls be nice #soldierpoetking #soldierpoetkingquiz #uquiz #uquiztrend ♬ Soldier, Poet, King - The Oh Hellos

What is the TikTok viral 'Solider, Poet, King' test? How to play

All you need to do to take part in the popular game is head over to the Uquiz website.

You'll then need to answer 20 multiple-choice questions to determine what category your personality falls into.

The questions are quite personal and thought-provoking - ranging from the likes of 'What is duty?' to 'Where are you going when you die?'.

Social media users have been sharing their answers on Twitter along with other platforms too.

One person posted: "I did the stupid solder poet king quiz from tiktok and I didn't expect to be so violently called out at 2pm on a Tuesday."

A second user commented: "I got a king on the stupid quiz they are talking about on TikTok about whether you're a king, poet or solider and getting the king is just so sad".

A third chimed in: "Took the solder poet king quiz thing and. ouch."

Another person shared: "is anyone else on the solider, poet, king side of tik tok right now ever since that new quiz dropped ?? it’s all over my fyp and i LOVE IT !! btw i’m the solider."

It is not the first time that a quiz has gone viral on the video-sharing platform. 

Last year, TikTokers couldn't get enough of the silly but fun 'What Human Feeling Are You?' quiz.