Ant and Dec's Limitless Win returned to our screens tonight (January 21) and viewers saw two best friends take on the Limitless Ladder.

Conall and Michael from Belfast returned to the show after wracking up a total of £100,000 with 23 lives remaining in a previous episode where they ran out of time.

The pair returned and successfully climbed further up the Limitless Ladder.

It wasn’t long though until the pair became stuck on a question and they thought it would be best to cash out instead of potentially guessing incorrectly and losing all the money in the pot.

Conall and Michael left the show delighted having won £150,000.

The pair shared they would split the money between them with one hoping to buy a new house for his family and the other using the money for fertility treatment.

What is Limitless Win and how do you play?

Limitless Win sees contestants attempt to correctly answer questions and if successful, they’ll have the opportunity to win a cash prize.

Unlike any other quiz show, how much the contestants can win is an unknown figure because they will be playing for an unlimited jackpot.

As the show launched in 2022, Ant and Dec shared a video on Twitter that explains how Limitless Win works.

Limitless Win continues on Saturdays on ITV1.