A DRUG driver has been arrested in Bicester after being stopped for a defective headlight.

The driver was pulled over yesterday evening (December 28) in Hudson Street after Thames Valley Police noticed one of the vehicle’s headlights was broken.

However, when officers pulled the vehicle over, they notice it smelt of cannabis.

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The driver was asked to do a drug wipe which was positive, and they were subsequently arrested. A further test, a blood sample, was obtained in custody.

The arrest was part of the force’s Operation Holly, which is Thames Valley Police’s Christmas drink and drug driving campaign.

The operation has been running since 1 December and aims to crackdown on the number of drivers driving whilst under the influence of drink or drugs.


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This story was written by Gee Harland. She joined the team in 2022 as a senior multimedia reporter.

Gee covers Abingdon, Didcot, Wallingford and Wantage.

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