Cherwell Labour say that Cherwell Conservatives have confirmed support for a two-tier system of tenant rights that favours private sector landlords.

Cherwell's Conservatives have confirmed their support for a two-tier system of tenant rights that favours private sector landlords, according to Labour councillors.

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At a meeting of Cherwell District Council on Monday December 19, 2022, a motion put forward by Councillor Sean Woodcock, Labour's group leader, called for a Tenants' Charter and a public awareness campaign promoting tenants' across all sectors of their rights.

However, an amendment put forward by Councillor Nick Mawer, Lead Member for Housing, watered this down to a Charter aimed solely at the council's own tenants and scrapped the publicity campaign altogether.

In introducing his motion, Councillor Woodcock referred to the death of 2-year-old Awab Ishak from illnesses linked to mould in his Rochdale flat, which a coroner criticised last month.

Even though Labour councillors voted through the amended motion they did so "reluctantly" according to Councillor Woodcock, who labelled the Conservative amendment merely "an instruction for officers to do what they should already be doing" and that it "confirmed support for a two-tier system and approach to tenants' rights in Cherwell that favoured private sector landlords" by the Conservatives.

Labour holds 10 seats in Cherwell, the Liberal Democrats seven and the Green Part two.

There are also four independent members.


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