A despairing residents group whose houses are “shaken” by passing HGVs fear they may not see a solution for another 4-5 years.

This weekend public consultations were held by A2dominion, the development company responsible for realigning Howes Lane, Bicester, as part of their overall project to deliver housing on land west of the road.

Members of Derwent Green Residents Group attended the consultations, during which, according to the group, A2dominion proposed new plans which would replace the agreed solution to Howes Lane and may take another four to five years to deliver.

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Chair of Derwent Green Residents Group Stephen Rand said: “Heavy good vehicles thunder down Howes Lane in Bicester day and night, interrupting sleep, raising pollution levels and making back gardens unusable.

“When our residents group started campaigning six years ago, we were told Howes Lane would be realigned as part of the development of the eco-town north of Bicester.

“A new railway bridge was constructed 18 months ago, but now it seems it will be unused for another four to five years, after funding for the new road was lost last year because of delays.

“Some of our members were reduced to tears during the latest consultations, after realising that six years of promises have apparently been binned.

“£5.5 million is being spent on the Banbury Road roundabout in Bicester, which no one has asked for, yet there is no funding for a road promised over six years ago.

“We are in despair that anything positive will ever be done. Perhaps we will have to glue ourselves to the road to highlight just how serious this is.”

In response to Derwent Green Residents Group’s concerns over the new proposal, Oxfordshire County Council and Cherwell District Council gave a joint statement: “The plans for the A4095 realignment as per the permitted scheme have not been abandoned and alternative funding is being sought.

“Oxfordshire County Council and Cherwell District Council have not given their backing to the alternative alignment proposed by a2dominion.

“We are not aware of any discussion concerning the relative time it would take to build either of the alignments.”

In a separate comment, a spokesperson for Cherwell District Council said: “Our Local Planning Authority has not received an application for planning permission for A2dominion’s proposals.

“Any application would need to be publicised, consulted upon and formally considered by the council.”

A2dominion’s public consultation will continue online until Friday, November 25.

Steve Hornblow, Head of Special Projects at A2Dominion, said: “We welcome feedback from everyone, and our team will take time to review all responses, particularly in relation to highways.

“We will continue to actively engage with Oxfordshire County Council, Cherwell District Council, and the Derwent Green Residents Group on all future plans.”


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