Businesses and community organisations from rural areas are being invited to submit their inspirational ideas for projects which could be paid for by a half a million funding pot.

Cherwell District Council has been allocated £526,000 under the Rural England Prosperity Fund.

Local organisations’ proposals could be pivotal to the success of an investment plan which Cherwell will submit to Government at the end of the month.

The Rural Fund could support projects such as diversifying a farm to include a glamping site or refurbishing a cricket pavilion to allow catering to take place.

Councillor Ian Corkin, deputy leader of the council and portfolio holder for regeneration and economy, said: “Not only will business and community organisations be helping us understand more about the needs and aspirations of the rural areas of the district, they will be helping us strengthen our case when we submit our plan to Government.”

The funding needs to be spent on lasting assets such as buildings and equipment by March 2025.



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