Thames Valley Police (TVP) have proposed to establish a new technical services building to bring together its constituent teams, but nearby neighbours fear it will block the light from reaching their houses.

The 17-metre-high, three-storey building would be situated on agricultural land adjacent to Bicester Road, known as Gowell Farm, already in the ownership of TVP.

The land forms part of the north west Bicester eco town which includes proposals for a new road to the north of the TVP site, and a new link road across the TVP site which connects this back to Howes Lane.

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TVP’s objectives for the project are to provide new accommodation for its staff in Bicester, to rationalise the force’s estate and to contribute to the TVP net zero carbon by 2030 commitment by providing facilities with an improved carbon footprint.

The proposal also includes an associated two-storey energy centre for use by the force, alongside vehicular and pedestrian access, car parking and areas of hard and soft landscaping across the site.

Police and Crime Commissioner Matthew Barber said: “The building will consolidate uses from a number of existing sites within the current TVP estate thus creating a new purpose-built central site for operational policing needs.

“At present existing uses are dispersed amongst TVP’s estate in a number of locations, many of which are no longer appropriate or compatible with modern policing requirements and as a result there is significant risk that operational requirements may be compromised.

“The building has been architecturally designed, and will be a unique flagship development providing an opportunity to deliver the best in practice operational functions and be a leading example of how to deliver such facilities for other police forces.”

The plans have sparked a mix of responses from people living nearby, some of whom think the building will block light from reaching their houses.

Christine Dziumak, who lives in Wordsworth Close, Bicester, said: “We live on the Kings Meadow estate.

“All the properties on this estate are single storey and owned mostly by retired and elderly folk.

“I think it is inconsiderable to build such a tall building near private housing.

“For sure this will impede people’s light, mar the views and impact on people’s privacy.

“I would like to see this building lowered or moved further away.”

Mr Barber added: “TVP intend to commence work on site without delay, following the granting of planning permission.

“It will deliver the facility quickly with occupation of the building currently anticipated during 2024.

“This will represent, therefore, an opportunity to begin delivery of this phase of the much-anticipated north west Bicester development through the construction of this unique building by Thames Valley police.”


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