Opposition to controversial development proposal remains strong after a second round of public consultations.

Value Retail, who own Bicester Village, held more public consultations last week to seek views on its proposal to build a new car and cycle hub – which would be built on over Oxford Road Sports Ground; an extension on the western side of the retail village and a public park, fit with walkways and cycle routes.

The proposal would also deliver improvements to Middleton Stoney Road roundabout, which Bicester Village said is an effort to increase capacity and prevent congestion.

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The plans also include up to 1,246 electric vehicle (EV) spaces, E-cycle charging points, 62 parking spaces for parents with children and 10 per cent active EV charging spaces, subject to power availability in Bicester.

The Bicester Village consultation website states its proposals have been revised based on the feedback from the first round of public consultations held in July.

Bicester Village spokesperson Miranda Markham said: “Bicester Village has a track record of encouraging sustainable modes of travel, which include a new Bicester Park & Ride facility on the A41, owned and operated by Oxfordshire County Council, and investment in the train station.

We are also delivering one of UK’s leading retail-led ‘electric vehicle ready’ car and cycle hubs. This will replace and consolidate temporary off-site Park & Ride locations that are no longer available for use by Bicester Village.

“We would like to thank everyone who shared their views and ideas for the future of the site.”

The proposals have been opposed by various groups and members of the public in Bicester.

Callum Vinall, who started the Save Oxford Road campaign, said: “The plans have not changed at all since the first consultations.

“Bicester Village would still like to build a multi-storey car park taking away a sport facility, it’s a disgrace.”

Chair of Bicester Bike Users’ Group George Bennett said: “The proposal will encourage more damaging traffic into the town centre.

“Traffic for the retail centre already dominates that neighbourhood of Bicester and makes it very difficult for people to walk or cycle safely or conveniently.

“The new car park is totally unnecessary when visitors from out of town could easily be accommodated by an improved park and ride facility.

Spokesperson for Bicester Traffic Action Group Rachel mallows commented: “Bicester Village’s proposal will increase vehicle movements by 12,000 journeys per day.

“Not only will this cause potential grid lock at peak periods, but it will compound Bicester’s already illegal air pollution levels.

“Bicester Village’s current solution of using park and ride facilities is the best option for traffic and air pollution management. 

“Unfortunately, their success has resulted in them outgrowing the current site and for long term expansion, a new site would be a better option.”


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