A former Lloyds Pharmacy will be redeveloped within a retail and residential scheme in Kidlington.

Cherwell District Council has given planning consent for development of the commercial site on Oxford Road.

Fears were raised when the pharmacy closed in 2020 that it would impact the elderly, infirm and disabled.

An online petition was signed by at least 65 locals, stating the pharmacy is the ‘largest and most popular’ in the area.

The pharmacy chain said the closure was necessary because of income losses and the impact of coronavirus.

The current two-storey former commercial premises will be replaced by a building three storeys high, just slightly lower than the neighbouring property. 

There will be a purpose-built retail unit on the ground floor street frontage, and nine one-bedroom and two bed-bedroom apartments above and to the rear.

Planning documents show the design is contemporary, comprising a flat roof and a palette of modern materials. 

Kidlington Parish Council objected to the application on the grounds of "inadequate" parking provision and amenity space.

Cherwell council attached conditions including that a Construction Traffic Management Plan (CTMP) must be submitted before work begins in the interests of highway safety and to mitigate the impact of construction vehicles on the surrounding highway network, road infrastructure and local residents.

It said it would also be monitoring any development once work begins on the site.

Property consultancy Carter Jonas, acting on behalf a private client,  has dealt with the project from its pre-application stage to the planning consent decided on September 2.

Huw Mellor, Partner at Carter Jonas in Oxford, said: "We were very pleased that this planning permission will make full use of this centrally located site, with a design which is refreshing but also in keeping with neighbouring properties.

"The new retail unit will undoubtedly be a substantial improvement on the original, while the apartments, with their generous balconies and floor to ceiling windows, will no doubt be popular."



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