A BAT had to be rescued by police after it was found clinging to wall in Faringdon.

The brown Pipistrelle was in difficulty as it was exposed during daytime.

Officers from the TVP Rural Crime Taskforce have completed training to help deal with offences against wildlife.

TVP South Oxon and VOWH tweeted that the bat was just "in need of a little help!"

If you come across a bat in any of the following situations, it needs help:

- It's on the ground or floor

- It's exposed during the day (e.g. on an external wall)

- It's in the living area of a dwelling, or the public area of another building

- It's a baby without its mother

- It's stuck to something (like flypaper, barbed wire or any other item)

You can seek help from the bat conservation trust who will be able to provide advice!