A SUPERB amount of interior space and excellent fuel economy are major selling points for the Honda Jazz.

The range-topping EX Style version, tested here, retains those plus points while adding a number of flourishes.

From the outside, it differs from its stablemates thanks to unique two-tone 16-inch alloys, a contrasting black roof, wing mirror caps, side body mouldings and a crystal black rear spoiler.

It also has a generous level of tech, but whether it’s all worth the extra couple of grand price-tag will be a matter of opinion.

It might not be the most exciting car to drive in its class, with that title probably going to the Ford Fiesta, but the Jazz’s 1.5-litre i-MMD hybrid engine is eager enough in most situations.

Bicester Advertiser: The Honda Jazz EX Style

Perhaps more importantly in these straightened times, the powertrain is reassuringly smooth and efficient.

Indeed, the transition between petrol and electric power is pretty-much seamless, with the two combining well to produce an official combined fuel economy figure of over 60mpg.

With 108bhp, it’ll get you from a standing start to 62mph in 9.5 seconds, with the electric motor offering extra punch off the line and for short bursts of electric-only driving.

If you work the engine hard though, the hitherto smooth e-CVT box flares the revs and you get a somewhat coarse note from beneath the bonnet.

The handling is trustworthy, with accurate steering and little by way of body lean when cornering.

In terms of passenger space, the Jazz is the car to beat in this class, with the unique rear seats offering further usability.

The overall length of the car is 4044mm, but the short bonnet and the way the windscreen slopes down gradually makes you feel like you’re in a cabin belonging to a much lengthier vehicle.

Bicester Advertiser: The Honda Jazz EX Style

Those so-called ‘Magic Seats’ have seat squabs that fold up against the backrests to provide an incredibly tall storage space in the centre of the car, while a clever hinge means the squabs can also drop forward into the footwell, which then creates and entirely level storage space. It’s an impressive party trick for the Jazz!

The 304-litre boot offers decent volume, but isn’t vast by any means.

The cabin is pleasant and well laid-out, without being anything too glamorous.

It has a feeling of durability and solidity, as is customary for Honda.

The seats that are trimmed in a part-cloth/part-leather upholstery.

Those in the front are heated - as is the steering wheel.

Meanwhile, the nine-inch touchscreen is responsive and intuitive. There’s full connectivity via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

In terms of looks, the Jazz was already a decent-looking machine, with contemporary headlights integrating nicely with a well-thought-out grille to create a modern-looking face.

The extra flourishes brought about by the EX Style trim level certainly elevate the Jazz to a more aesthetically-pleasing car.

The alloys really look the part, while the black roof and window surrounds contrast nicely with the white paintwork to create an added element of visual intrigue.

From the back, the rear spoiler helps to give the Jazz some extra personality.

That said, the styling tweaks don’t significantly alter what is one of the more conservative superminis.

The Lowdown

Honda Jazz EX Style

ENGINE: Hybrid, with a 1.5 litre petrol unit and 253Nm electric motor

PERFORMANCE: 0-62mph in 9.5 seconds and max speed 109mph

ECONOMY: 61.4mpg combined and emissions of 105g/km