People are furious at plans to build residential dwellings in an area that is frequently used by the community.

A full application has been submitted to Cherwell District Council to redevelop part of an existing carpark – west of 37 Holm Way, Bicester – for the construction of four new residential dwellings.

The application was made by LCP Estates Ltd on August 16 and proposes to build the dwellings along with associated parking, access and landscaping.

In addition, the applicant seeks to build a new or altered vehicular access point from the public highway.

However, a wellspring of opposition has arisen to the proposals, formed by nearby homeowners, a community centre and a school.

Bobbie Wright, writing on behalf of Southwold Community Centre, in Holm Way, Bicester, commented: “This site is primarily used for school staff parking.

“If this were to go ahead, no consideration has been made to how staff access the other part of the carpark, as there’s no access road.

“Also, the safety implications for children to and from school would be huge.”

Representing Southwold County Primary School, David Maine wrote: “Parking in this area is already in short supply, especially at school drop off and pick up times.

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“A reduction in parking will lead to further parking on side streets which represents a higher risk for pupils crossing roads.

“We already experience parking issues during peak times, therefore any reduction will create further problems and put families at risk.”

In its transport statement, LCP Estates Ltd said that it held pre-application discussions with Cherwell District Council and Oxfordshire County Council in May 2022 regarding the proposal.

Key points raised during the discussions included the requirement for car parking surveys to be undertaken within the existing Holm Way carpark.

The requirement for the proposal to provide one allocated space per dwelling and three unallocated spaces.

A review of any potential overspill parking needs is also required.

David Radwell, who lives nearby the proposed development, said: “This application is preposterous.

“The car park this is planned on is land that is actively used as a car park for everyone living on this estate and beyond to use the shops, school and community centre.

“Parking at peak times is already insufficient and taking this away will force parking to nearby roads where there is a lack of space for parking – people already park dangerously on this estate.

“I can’t believe a plan like this is even being considered, it must be rejected. Surely the car park is common land owned by the council.”


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