Oxfordshire workers are being offered free workspace as part of International Coworking Day.

On Tuesday, August 9, Perch Coworking in Bicester is offering free workspace for the day to anyone who wants to explore the option.

Coworking is the term given to the phenomenon of people from different companies and backgrounds choosing to work from the same space.

As well as helping to save costs in office rent and utility bills, coworking spaces act as community builders, allowing people who would not typically meet to form friendships.

Cory Johnson, Head of Growth at tech training provider Academy Tech, lives in Bicester and found a happy medium in coworking between working from home and commuting to meet his colleagues in London and Manchester.

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Mr Johnson said: “The novelty of rolling out of bed to start work in the morning from the house grew old for me really quickly.

“Some remote workers are happy to stay at home to get things done, but I’m one of those people who needs to be in a collaborative, social environment, even if it’s not with my immediate colleagues.”

Perch is run by coworking and small business experts Town Square Spaces Ltd in partnership with Cherwell District Council.

Community Manager for Perch Lucy Wendon said: “As more people and organisations embrace a hybrid working model, it’s becoming clear that flexibility is key.

“Working from home is great, but you lose a lot of the benefits of working with other people.”


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