An environmentally conscious restaurant is celebrating its inclusion in a prestigious culinary guide.

The Yurt at Nicholsons, situated in North Aston, near Bicester, has been selected for the Michelin Guide for Great Britain and Ireland 2022.

The restaurant was one of only 25 Oxfordshire based venues to be included on the list.

To be included in the guide is to be recognised for doing excellent work, and it also serves as the first step to potentially achieving a Michelin Star.

In addition to being featured in the guide, The Yurt was identified as one of the inspectors’ six favourite new additions for June 2022, alongside the London based 1890 by Gordon Ramsay.

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The feature described “unfussy dishes that are big on flavour and come with some Mediterranean influences; brunch is served every morning; and a bright and breezy service comes from a capable young team.”

Managing Director of The Yurt Liz Nicholson said: “To be featured in the Michelin Guide for Great Britain and Ireland is a fantastic achievement that all of the team are incredibly proud of, especially me.

“We all look forward to continuing to provide our customers with unforgettable experiences, whilst also pushing ourselves more and more from a sustainability perspective.

“We hope to welcome you soon.”

Judging is undertaken over a series of visits by a group of Michelin inspectors who base their assessments on five criteria.

Quality of the ingredients used, mastery of flavour and cooking techniques, the personality of the chef in his cuisine, value for money and consistency between visits.

All The Yurt’s menus offer a variety of dishes using seasonal ingredients and cater for all dietary requirements.

Their menus are curated by award-winning head chef, Andrew Carr, one of Oxfordshire’s most renowned culinary innovators.

Marketing Manager Oliver Ong said: “We do have a lot of goals with the menu. We had our new chef join in March; he has continued with our aims but has taken it to the next level.

“We want to be creative with our menus, but understand the need to balance this with sustainable practices.

“Recognising the state of the world, especially the climate emergency - which even feeds into the heat over the last few days - our directors thought we were in a good position to make a difference, even if only small.

“We source locally as much as possible and limit fish and meat on our menus.

“Where we do have them, they are sourced responsibly, from suppliers with high welfare standards.

“We also have a kitchen garden on site so a lot of the food our customers eat is grown right here.”


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