A generous ice cream man stopped his van to give out free ice creams to a group of special needs school children.

A group of nursery and class one children from Bardwell school, in Bicester, were walking back to class with their teaching assistant, Louise Davey, when an ice cream man stopped nearby.

Mrs Davey said: “We were walking back from the main school at Bardwell as we had transition day.

“Walking along the path and the lovely ice cream man stopped near us. He asked if the children would like an ice cream, and we told him we had no money with us.

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“He said he would give them to us for free because it was a very hot day.

“What a kind and lovely man, it was so thoughtful and the children really enjoyed their ice creams.”

The ice cream man, Muhammad Idrees, said: “I’ve been delivering ice cream to the people of Bicester for 14 years.

“I know the area and the school well. Three days ago the school invited me to come and provide ice cream for a party they were holding.

“Then, yesterday, when I saw these school kids walking along with their teacher in the heat, I decided it would be nice to give them some free Mr Whippy.

The 51-year-old said the people of Bicester come to him because he provides discounts, and knows the community well.


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This story was written by Matthew Norman, he joined the team in 2022 as a Facebook community reporter.

Matthew covers Bicester and focuses on finding stories from diverse communities.

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