WITH temperatures set to hit thirty degrees next week, on top of the current warm weather this weekend in Oxfordshire, many people are seeking advice on how to keep their pets cool.

Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary, based at Stadhampton, admits and rehomes about 500 animals every year.

At any one time, the charity looks after up to 30 dogs, 60 cats and kittens, and between 15 and 20 rabbits.

The charity posted a series of tips for helping keep pets cool during the hot period.

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Owners should provide plenty of fresh water throughout the day, and place cool mats or ice pods around the house.

Dogs should be walked when temperatures have lowered, and not during the day, while animals with fur should be groomed regularly to help remove as much loose fur as possible.

Rabbits should be provided with plenty of shade, with damp towels placed over their accommodation.

Fresh water can be sprinkled over rabbits’ vegetables.

Crucially, veterinary advice should be sought if you are concerned at all about a pet.

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