ANOTHER Oxfordshire Tory MP has reacted to Boris Johnson’s resignation, saying "it was the right decision." 

North Oxfordshire MP Victoria Prentis broke her silence after the Prime Minister's speech in front of Number 10. 

Mr Johnson confirmed he is resigning and said he will stay in office until a new Conservative leader is elected.

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Ms Prentis said: "This was the right decision. It had become clear over the past few weeks that he can no longer lead the government. 

"Now we must unite as a party and focus on providing the competent government this country deserves. We need a new leader who can deliver on our manifesto, and preside over a new chapter of stability, unity, and transparency.

"The Prime Minister achieved a great deal during his time in office. We broke the Brexit impasse in Parliament. We made some brave decisions about vaccine procurement and rollout which really did lead the world. 



"The furlough scheme saved the jobs of millions. The Prime Minister provided real global leadership on the war, and the people of Ukraine will forever be thankful for his unwavering support.

"At a time of war in Europe and rising cost of living, food security continues to be a critical issue. This remains my focus as Minister of State for Farming, Fisheries and Food.

"Today in the House of Commons, I am taking forward the Genetic Technology (Precision Breeding) Bill. It is vital that this Bill continues, so that we can build a more resilient and productive food system and realise the benefits for our farmers, consumers and the environment.

"Earlier this week, I made my views clear to the Whips and other colleagues, but for today my commitment and focus is on serving the country. The government must continue to function with some continuity."

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