Some 85 children who have come to Britain from Ukraine are waiting for a school place in Oxfordshire.

But 143 refugees have already started school in the county, according to figures from the Department for Education.

When adjusted for non-response from local authorities, 9,900 offers have been made nationally to children from Ukraine.

This represents 87 per cent of the 11,400 applications.

In Oxfordshire, 120 children from Afghanistan have found a school place since last August.

When adjusted for non-response, there has been an estimated 5,500 applications nationally for school places for children from Afghanistan. 

The total number of offers to children from Afghanistan were 5,400, which is 98 per cent of the applications.

Most families from Afghanistan will have started entering the country from August 2021, whereas those from Ukraine from March 2022.

It is expected the proportion of applications that have received offers to be higher for families from Afghanistan than those from Ukraine, the Government said.