A lack of green space, 'massive' amounts of housing and not enough amenities are just a few of the problems people say Bicester has.

More than 180 comments have been left on a post in the Bicester Chat Facebook group highlighting what issues people think the town faces.

People would like to see more shops in the town centre, more recreational activity spaces and more police on the streets.

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Roger Wise says the loss of Oxford Road Sports Ground to Bicester Village owners Value Retail could have a 'detrimental' effect on the wellbeing of people in the town.

He commented: "This open green space, lies at the heart of the town, and the loss of this vital area, to any development could prove to have a detrimental impact on both the physical, and mental wellbeing of the townspeople, and its future generations."

Bicester Advertiser: Oxford Road Sports GroundOxford Road Sports Ground

He also expressed his concerns about the amount of development that the town has seen in recent years.

He added: "The town has been subject to vast development over the last several years, l think it is a reasonable argument to suggest that the infrastructure, and facilities have not kept pace with this growth."

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There are also concerns about the impact of the London Road level crossing being closed for longer and the number of new housing developments being built.

Ellie Thompson said: "The London Road Rail Crossing. It saddens me that the EWR(East West Rail) Project has been agreed with no regard for this main thoroughfare into the town centre from the South of Bicester."

Bicester Advertiser: London Road Level Crossing. Pic by Ed NixLondon Road Level Crossing. Pic by Ed Nix

Here's what other people said: 

Susanna Da Costa said: "There needs to be some sort of pedestrian crossing on Shakespeare Drive outside Kings Meadow Primary School - it is absolute carnage, and so dangerous trying to get across that road with small children at school finishing time."

Eileen Penhallow said: "More visible police presence on the streets."

Janet Wardell said: "My concerns are about what feels like the massive amount of housing being built with little infrastructure. Calling it a garden town is a joke; Bicester is and has been a dormitory town."

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Steve Webber: "A performance space. Nothing exists other than in the local schools."

Bicester Advertiser: Bicester Town Centre. Pic by Ed NixBicester Town Centre. Pic by Ed Nix

Debbie Darbyshire said: "I would like to see more shops in town, at one stage Bicester had lots of good shopping, but I think it’s the rates that are putting people off coming to the town."

Christine Thompson: "The GP surgery moving to Graven Hill will mean I cannot access the surgery - very worrying."

Ellen Ballinger: "Lack of specialist education schools and places, my daughter had to wait 9 months which is short only due to me taking the Local Authority to an educational tribunial. In that time she received no education."

Keryn Sallahu: "My concern right now is the sheer amount of warehouses that planning is being sought for just off the M40 J10."

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Brenda Thorne said: "If the dr's moves to Graven Hill and they close London Road railway crossing we are gonna have major issues with people trying to get there. Doesn't matter how great the facilities are if people can't get there."

Julie Collins: "The London Road railway crossing. When it closes for 45 minutes per hour and the new GP hub opens, you will have most of Bicester using the ring road to attend appointments.

"You will also have Graven Hill housing, Langford Village and all the villages east of Bicester, trying to use the ring road as well. It is going to be mayhem."

Diane Barlow said: "I would like to see a proper foot path between the bus stop opposite the Acorn and the Esso garage. Lots of people use this route to get to Boots, Nike, Next ect and it is just a mud bath."

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