A chicken that was on the loose in an Oxfordshire town has a new owner.

People in Bicester spotted the animal roaming around in the Kingsmere area yesterday.

Bicester local Ami Holder said her seven-year-old daughter Betsy-Mae Beard saw the chicken yesterday morning by some bushes near a lake in lower Kingsmere.

Betsy picked it up and put it in Pingle Brook playground to keep it safe.

Ami said: "My daughter found and rescued her at about 7am on our morning dog walk. She jumped the brook and caught it, and put it safely in the park hoping that someone had lost her."

Bicester Advertiser: Betsy Betsy

The chicken was later seen in people's front gardens.

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Bicester resident Susan Mitcheson said the chicken ended up in her garden, but her friend Caroline Jenner collected it and was 'keeping it safe'.

Now Caroline has decided to keep the chicken along with her other two chickens at her countryside home. She has called it 'Lucky'.

Bicester Advertiser: Chicken at its new homeChicken at its new home

Susan said: "Lucky would be dead if Caroline hadn’t rescued her for me from my front lawn. Lucky kept going in the road and back onto a main road. Hence the name Lucky."

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