Students and Staff at an Oxfordshire school are celebrating a full house of Outstanding awards in its first Ofsted report.


The Longford Park Primary School in Banbury were given top grades in all five key elements of a report published this week.


The report read: “Pupils are thriving at Longford Park Primary School. They thoroughly enjoy coming to school. A parent told inspectors her daughter even asks to go to school on Saturdays.”


It continued: “When a group of pupils were asked what they liked most about their school, they all spoke knowledgeably and enthusiastically about what they were learning. Pupils were animated and articulate when discussing topics like climate change, computing or a science experiment.”


The Outstanding grade was awarded overall and in each category of quality of education, behaviour and attitudes, personal development, leadership and management and early years development.


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Head of school Claire Martin said the report’s praise for its early years provision was particularly welcome as everyone at Longford Park Primary School wanted to ensure children had the best opportunities from day one.


She said: “We all want to make learning and personal development at the heart of our school. Our team has incredibly high expectations of our pupils and we want them to develop into adults equipped with the skills and qualities they need.”


The Ofsted inspector made particular note of the school’s inclusive ethos and said pupils are taught about diversity and respect.


It read: “The school is exceptionally inclusive and caring. Pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities are given expert support from the very start. The school curriculum is deliberately designed to ensure that these pupils can access their learning with their classmates.”


It continued: “The school’s high expectations are reflected in pupils’ consistently positive attitudes and great behaviour. Pupils are polite and considerate and sit happily talking to friends while having lunch”.


The Longford Park Primary School, which opened in September 2017, has 183 students on the roll and is a member of the 41-strong GLF multi-academy trust.


Executive headteacher Julie Hiddleston said: “It is our first inspection, and it could not have gone better. The Outstanding awards are a testament to the hard work of everyone at our school, the pupils and their families. We are incredibly proud and will continue to build on the incredible foundation this has provided”.