A WOMAN is offering a 'substantial reward' to whoever can find her beloved parrot which was stolen.

Sarah White, from Tusmore, near Bicester, was devastated to find her house had been burgled on Friday where her parrot called Sky and her grandmother's jewellery was stolen.

The incident happened at 2.15pm and Ms White says a black car was seen in the area.

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She reported the burglary to the police and is desperately hoping to be reunited with Sky.

In an appeal, which has been shared on Facebook more than 500 times, she said: "We think she was bundled into a laundry basket and taken. No food or drink. I’m absolutely devastated. I just want her back safe and sound.

"I’m offering a substantial reward. I hope whoever has got her has lost all their fingers from her biting them and didn’t get any sleep last night. I’m coming to get you. I won’t rest until I have her back."

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Ms White says Sky has a big personality, makes very distinctve noises and says phrases such as ‘come on'.

The 20-year-old parrot also makes kissing noises and plucks her feathers around her neck but cannot fly very well.

Ms White, who has owned Sky for a few months now, said: "She's quite distinctive so whoever's got her will find it very hard to hide her. She sings a song like 'do, do, do, do, do' so I've been going outside like a mad woman doing that noise because she usually calls me back.

"She usually says 'come on' when she's about to bite you and she doesn't like men so if whoever's got her is a man - I pity him.

"She's got a little ring on around her leg but that can easily be taken off. When you give her something to eat she goes 'Oh!'. She's quite a character."

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Ms White is worried that Sky could be sold on and urges people to keep an eye out online.

Thieves also stole cash, her Gucci watch and her grandmother's wedding ring, engagement ring and necklace.

Ms White's initial appeal has been shared far and wide on Facebook to community groups and appeal pages around the country.

People have expressed their sympathies on social media.

Bets Martin said on the Bicester Chat Facebook page: "This is devastating. I am so sorry about this. Fingers crossed that you are reunited soon."

If you have any information or see anything online, call Northamptonshire Police quoting reference number 21000339599 or anonymously via Crimestoppers.

If you have any information or see anything online, call  Northampton Police on 101 quoting reference number 21000339599 or anonymously on crime stoppers.

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