Bicester Village owners Value Retail have now officially taken possession of the Oxford Road sports ground, but it still has no plans for the site.

Bicester Sports Association (BSA) sold the site to Bicester Village owners Value Retail in 2018 and the grounds were vacated on May 31 for Value Retail to take possession on June 1.

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A Bicester Village spokesperson said: "Value Retail has now taken possession of the Oxford Road site following expiry of the two-year lease with the Bicester Sports Association. The immediate priority is to implement necessary measures to ensure the site is both safe and secure.

"Value Retail does not currently have plans for the site but will consult with local stakeholders in due course."

Residents say they do not want the site to be developed for anything other than sport amid fears that it will be turned into a further expansion of the designer outlet.

People gathered again on May 31 outside the gates, including local councillors Dan Sames, Lynn Pratt and Callum Miller to show their support and they spoke of the importance and history of the Oxford Road site.

Those who attended also observed a minute's silence in respect for previous local residents who have had their ashes scattered on the grounds.

Campaigner Callum Vinall said it was a 'tragedy' that the site was sold in the first place.

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He said: "It is a tragedy that these pitches that were paid for by public subscription by Bicester residents were sold off despite knowing that there would be massive opposition.

"Nonetheless, it is not too late to save this important green area. Bicester Village now have control of the sports pitches. For the time being, they have stopped the local clubs from playing sport there, but they appear not to have appreciated the history and background of this site.

"We are calling on local people to make clear to the owners of Bicester Village that these pitches should continue to be used to play football, rugby, and other sports, as they have been ever since the people of Bicester originally clubbed together to buy them."

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More than 3,200 people have now signed an online petition to save the grounds from development.

To sign, go to