WE asked our readers on Facebook to complete this sentence: you know you're from Bicester when...

Here's what you said:

Hayley Jayne: "All your childhood shops are closing."

Jennie Withers: "You can remember two-way traffic in Sheep Street."

Steve Booth: "When you rode 'The Flying Fox' and cast iron park attractions at Garth Park and lived to tell the tale."

Tina Hawkins: "You know there is more to it than the village."

Sandie Ireland: "You know the ring road is exactly a six-mile run."

Lucy Herriott: "When you remember little Tesco and big Tesco!"

Tina Hawkins: "You know where Rodney House roundabout is."

Joanne Wilson: "When you say Bicester and not Bi-ces-ter or Vister."

Nikki Bennett: "You don’t shop at Bicester village."

David Lloyd: "When you keep smashing into bloody potholes."

Richard Howson: "You used to buy your Hornby railyway stuff from Leytons, Mary’s Cafe, Willy Sapnick, Trinders sold motorcycles."

Margaret Davis: "Bought chocolate from the chocolate box shop,J im's fish and chips, jute boxes in cafes."

Rob Pullen: "When you refer to Tesco’s express as J K’s."

Viv Millward: "You went to the fireworks on Slade Farm."

Elaina May Earnshaw: "When you remember spider park."

Fran Portlock: "When Gs was the best night out!"

Wendy Foster: "When you pronounce it properly!"

Robert Fosbrook: "You can remember The Red Lion on market square."

Julie Wilkins: "You know where Graces wet fish shop was."

John Kavanagh: "You had to climb over the train tracks to sneak into the firework display which used to be on Slade farm."

Simon Jupp: "Used the underground toilet in the high street."

Sheila Dumbleton: "When you know where the outdoor swimming pool was, and the library. Both down the causeway. Also the rifle range field which is where Bicester Village is built."

Nathan Bowers: "You were born at the cottage hospital."

Jed Jeremy Silvester: "When you spent your teenage years in the Fox and Leo’s and drank Skull in the Swan."

Karen Nelson: "When you give people high 6’s not high 5’s!"

Linda Leach: "You still call the local hospital, The Cottage."

Brenda Thorne: "You know how the Tenten bridge got it's name."

Robin L Clarke: "When you have had a night out in gs wine bar."

Rich Sammons: "You know why spider park is called spider park and bure park will always be slade farm to me."

Chris Marley: "When you’ve been swimming in the dangerfield!"

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