'VANDALISM at its worst' has led to uncertainty about whether a bus service will continue to serve a community.

Four windows were smashed by objects thrown at Stagecoach's double-decker buses on the S5 service between Oxford and Bicester.

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The incidents happened between November 30 and April 17 between Pioneer Square and Glory Farm in Bicester.

Stagecoach has warned that if the vandalism continues, the S5 could be withdrawn from the area.

A notice sent to the ward councillors at Oxfordshire County Council and Bicester Town Council from the bus company said: "Given the damage sustained, frequency of incidents and risk to our driver and passengers we have serious concerns about the safety of our vehicles operating along Sunderland Drive and in the Glory Farm area.

"I regret to inform you that should these incidents continue then we will have no choice but to withdraw our S5 service from the area."

Stagecoach says the incidents were reported to the police and CCTV from the vehicles was downloaded, but officers have been unable to pursue investigations as the incidents always happen at night when it it is dark.

Karen Coventry, commercial director for Stagecoach Oxfordshire, said no passengers or drivers have been injured.

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Oxfordshire County Councillor for Bicester Les Sibley described the attacks as 'vandalism at its most deplorable' and urged the public to be vigilant.

He said: "That's vandalism at its worse because it's dangerous, not only for the driver but also for the passengers as well. This is vandalism at its most deplorable and the culprits need to be caught as quickly as possible before somebody causes major injuries to the passengers or the driver.

"It would be really beneficial if the police could have a higher profile on the streets that deters people from perhaps carrying out antisocial behaviour.

"It would be a terrible thing if they [Stagecoach] were to withdraw the service because of needless acts of wanton destruction. It would be a real shame because I know residents would really miss the service.

"Passengers and residents need to watch out for any particular activity and report to the police if they see anything suspicious."

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