ON May 6 this year, voters in northern Oxfordshire will go to the polls to choose 16 new councillors.

Cherwell District Council, the local authority that takes out the bins, oversees leisure centres, and provides social housing, will see a roughly a third of its 50 council seats up for grabs in the polls.

The council puts a third of its seats up for election each year, and then has a year off, before the cycle begins again.

Last year’s elections were postponed because of the pandemic and will now take place this year.

But alongside them, voters will be asked to chose candidates in a host of other elections.

The entirety of Oxfordshire County Council’s 63 seats will be filled by a new group of councillors, and the Thames Valley Police and Crime Commissioner’s post is also being re-elected.

Similar district council elections are also taking place in Oxford and in West Oxfordshire at the same time.

In Cherwell, the council has largely been either controlled by a majority Conservative group over the years, or has been overseen by an alliance of different parties working together.

Voters will go to the polls on Thursday, May 6 this year, and the results will be totted up and announced on Sunday, May 9.

Below are a list of all the seats which are up for grabs in the Cherwell District Council election this year, and the names of all the candidates standing for election.

Adderbury, Bloxham & Bodicote

Labour: Blue Watson; Liberal Democrat: David Hingley; Conservative: Adam Nell

Banbury Calthorpe & Easington

Lab: Alicja Kokot; Lib: Ash Haeger; Cons: Kieron Mallon; Greens: Julia Middleton; Independent: John Brown

Banbury Cross & Neithrop

Lab: Matt Hodgson; Lib: Robert Pattenden; Cons: Fiaz Ahmed; Greens: ;Linda Ward

Banbury Grimsbury & Hightown

Lab: Andrew Beere; Lib: David Yeomans; Cons: David Beverly; Greens: Aaron Bliss

Banbury Hardwick

Lab: Simon Garrett; Lib: James Hartley; Cons: John Donaldson; Greens: Christopher Manley; Reform UK: Stephen Hartley; Indy: Berenice Westwood

Banbury Ruscote

Lab: Mark Cherry; Lib: Steve Buckwell; Cons: Jayne Strangwood; Greens: Carol Broom

Bicester East

Lab: Gary Holder; Lib: Antony Peckham; Cons: Sandy Dallimore; Greens: Peter Maguire

Bicester North & Caversfield

Lab: Sian Roscoe; Lib: Simon Lytton; Cons: Lynn Pratt; Greens: Clelia Bevillard

Bicester South & Ambrosden

Lab: Jane Clements; Lib: Sam Decombel; Cons: Dan Sames

Bicester West

Lab: Celia Kavuma; Lib: Chris Pruden; Cons: Sundeep Singh; Indy: Les Sibley

Cropredy, Sibfords & Wroxton

Lab: Anne Cullen; Lib: ; Cons: George Reynolds; Greens: Karl Kwiatkowski


Lab: Amanda Watkins; Lib: Nigel Davis; Cons: Bryn Williams

Fringfords & Heyfords

Lab: Christopher Howells; Cons: Patrick Clarke; Greens: Jenny Tamblyn

Kidlington East

Lab: Catharine Arakelian; Cons: Maurice Billington; Greens: Fiona Mawson

Kidlington West

Lab: Edward Lowe; Lib: Dorothy Walker; Cons: Helen Kingsley

Launton & Otmoor

Lab: Joanne Howells; Lib: Calum Miller; Cons: Simon Holland