BICESTER town centre was buzzing with people on Monday as shops, barbers and pubs reopened.

Long queues formed throughout the day outside barber shops with men eager to get their hair cut professionally for the first time in months.

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People enjoyed drinks and food outside pubs and cafes and charity shops were busy with both old and new customers.

Bicester resident Audrey Smith was happy to be out in the town centre again.

She said: “It’s lovely to see the town come alive again because it’s been so quiet with everything being closed. Of course it was necessary but it is nice to see everything open and I’ve just been able to have my hair cut which is the best of all.”

Blue Cross charity shop on Sheep Street was busy with customers as soon as it reopened in the morning.

Shop manager Pat said people not only enjoyed browsing items in the flesh again, but also interacting with staff.

She said: “So many of our new and old customers have been coming back and everyone just seems so happy to be able to come out and browse and buy things and have a chat as well.

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“It’s been good to chat to people who haven’t been out for months and months and haven’t been able to chat with anyone, so it’s lovely that they get to chat to the till volunteers and the staff round about the shop.

“Everyone’s been so pleasant coming in the store saying it’s been brilliant to have us back. We’re enjoying it and it’s nice to see our customers back picking up a bargain.”

Local business Bicester Wools in Market Square also opened its doors again to customers eager to stock up on sewing and knitting tools and materials.

Shop owner Sandra Foley was happy to welcome people back and said it felt like a fresh start after what has been a challenging year.

She said: “It feels like a new start. It’s so nice to see everybody again. It’s just amazing. It feels like we’re coming to the end, fingers crossed.”

The Bicester Battery Cellar pop-up trailer returned on Monday.

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Mark who runs the stall, which has been closed for seven out of the last 13 months, said: "We've had a real busy two hours, now it's gone a bit quiet - it'll be a slow burner. It'll take a couple of weeks until people get going again. It's just nice to get back out and be working."

Bicester resident Jack stood in line on Sheep Street at 10.30am waiting for a much-needed trim at The Old Barber Shop.

He said: "I was going to wait until it quietened down but I had the day off so I decided just to come down today. I knew it would be busy and that there would be big queues."

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