A LOCAL pub says the Government's 'coronavirus passports' idea would not work in reality and be unfair for customers as well as staff.

The Prime Minister told the Commons Liaison Committee last week that it may be left up to ‘individual publicans’ to decide whether they ask drinkers for vaccine passports to enter venues.

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Ministers are reviewing the possibility of introducing a document via an app which proves that a person has either been vaccinated against the virus or tested negative as part of the drive to return to normality.

Those without the app would be able to request a paper certificate.

Terri and Paul Reeve who run The Red Cow pub in Chesterton are opposed to the idea.

Mrs Reeve said: "I think we both see the theory and idea behind the passports but think in reality it wouldn't work. As some people can't have the vaccine due to medical reasons, pregnancy etc and some don't believe in vaccines, I don't think it's fair to segregate/penalise them because of that.

"The hospitality industry is open to all for all to enjoy and to start turning people away because they haven't been vaccinated could be very damaging to an industry that's already been so badly damaged by the pandemic already."

The couple say the passports would be difficult to enforce and potentially create tension amongst those who have not been vaccinated and staff.

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Mrs Reeve added: "I feel that it would be unfair for it to fall on our staff to police it as well, as there would be occasions that maybe Paul or I weren't around and they would need to enforce it. We saw glimpses of what that would be like with the no mask no entry restrictions.

"It's sad to say but we did get a bit of hostility when we had to enforce that, I think to bring in another restriction like the passports will probably bring the same negative reactions.

"They are talking about bringing it in after everyone in the country has been offered a vaccine so generally most of the country would of had the vaccine then anyway. It would then be up to the ones knowing they haven't had a vaccine whether they want to take the risk and visit pubs."

But The Nightingale Pub in Langford has not dismissed the idea and says it will support whatever the Government decides.

Landlord Kieran O'Brien said: "At the Nightingale we have everybody's safety at heart. We believe if you can get a jab, you should. We are a year into this pandemic and the vaccine is the way out.

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"Obviously if you have a medical reason to not have the vaccine then this will be taken into consideration, but we support any Government measures put into place."

Kate Nicholls, chief executive of trade body UKHospitality said certification could pose a problem for frontline staff.

The Government will say more on their possible use in early April.

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