THE results of a consultation into whether 12 parks in Bicester should close, be refurbished or turned into a community space are in.

It comes after Bicester Town Council conducted a review of the play areas last year.

Twelve play areas were earmarked for closure and it was decided that a letter be sent to local residents giving them the chance to have their say on whether they think the parks should close, and what could be done with the space instead.

Options on what the space could be used for included an exercise area, a community garden, a community growing space, installation of a graffiti wall and dog space.

Four neighbours voted for the play area in Saffron Close to be converted into an informal space. This would mean, at a cost of around £1,500, all existing play equipment and soft surfacing would be removed and it would become a grassed area with seating.

The playgrounds in Woodruff Close, Germander Way, Mullein Road, Foxglove Close and Restharrow Mead were all voted to be turned into communal gardens.

They would have all the play equipment and soft surfaces removed and trees and shrubs would be planted and seating and concrete pavement installed.

This would cost the council £30,000 to complete.

Four residents voted for Oxlip Leys and Gentian Place to remain and be refurbished but this would not happen until 2022/23 and cost around £20,000.

Parks in Coltfoot Leys, Grebe Road, Sanderling Court and Banbury Road were tied with some people wanting to keep and refurbish them and others voting for them to be transformed into communal gardens.

It would cost the council a lot more to refurbish the play areas with estimates of around £60,000 compared to £14,000 if turned into gardens.

The council is therefore recommended to choose just one of these parks to refurbish.

If refurbishment is chosen though, this would not happen until 2022/23.

Residents recently hit out at the town council for only reopening 12 out of the town's 60 parks leading to overcrowding.