IMPROVEMENTS are proposed for a Bicester roundabout – but the public must help the county council decide what work should be done.

People are invited to view an online exhibition about the A4095/B4100 Banbury Road roundabout in the north of the town.

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It is one of the key junctions along the western ring road and Oxfordshire County Council is considering three design options to improve the roundabout.

The first one is to make the junction bigger to provide space for more vehicles, with two lane entries and exits.

The second option is to take out the roundabout and turn it into a signalised crossroads junction as well as installing pedestrian and cyclist crossings.

The third option is to remove the roundabout and turn it into a CYCLOPS junction which is a type of signal-controlled intersection which includes a segregated cycle track that encircles the junction.

Improvements are proposed so that the road can better support an increase in vehicles as more housing and developments are built in the area.

Councillor Yvonne Constance, cabinet member for transport, said: “The proposals for the roundabout improvements will offer real improvements for the quality of life of those who live and work in the Bicester area.

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“The proposed work means that new housing and areas of employment have the right supporting infrastructure. I welcome residents to visit the online exhibition and to offer their views.”

There are various infrastructure projects planned to be delivered by March 2023 or earlier to support economic and housing growth.

The county council says enhancing access to the transport network and making it easier for people to travel between homes and jobs is critical in accelerating and accommodating future growth in Bicester in a sustainable way.

Councillor Lynn Pratt, Cherwell District Council’s lead member for economy, eegeneration and property, said: “A key part of living in a garden town is feeling a part of the community and being offered a say in how it develops.

“As Bicester grows, it is clear infrastructure improvements are needed, but it’s crucial we offer residents the chance to air their views to make sure the right decisions are made.”

Safety concerns about some of the town's roundabouts have been raised in the past particularly the Vendee Drive roundabout on the A41 which has seen three fatalities in the past two years.

An online consultation on the Banbury Road roundabout is now open until Friday, April 9 at