A POULTRY company that had plans to build a 59,000-strong chicken farm near Bicester has appealed against Cherwell District Council months after councillors rejected the proposal.

The free-range egg production unit - almost 1.5 times bigger than Wembley Stadium football pitch - would be built in Lower Arncott.

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It received stacks of criticism from residents and reports from consultees were submitted to Cherwell regarding the project.

Bullingdon prison governor Laura Sapwell also objected to the plan with concerns the stench from chicken faeces could be so bad that it would stop prisoners wanting to go outside and exercise, which could impact their health.

Put forward by W Potters & Sons Ltd, the 10-hectare site includes a profiled metal-clad poultry building, gatehouse, garage, two-storey three-bedroom house and access off Palmers Avenue.

Arncott Parish Council objects to the proposal and is reminding people to submit their comments to the planning inspector.

Council chairman Paul Wilson said: “Cherwell District Council (CDC) has advised Arncott Parish Council that the 200 plus objections from the public, 22 reports from consultees and CDC’s reports regarding last year’s planning application will be forwarded to the inspectorate for its consideration.

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“Anyone has the right to send in a further representation directly to the planning inspectorate should he/she wish to do so.”

The chicken farm would require bulk chicken feed delivered to the site by six or eight-wheeler HGVs three times a month which would be stored in silos on the grounds.

Waste from the chickens is proposed to be cleared out using a conveyor belt system into a parked trailer outside the building.

Fourteen tonnes of manure would be removed from the site every 10 days using a sheeted tractor and trailer, but planning officers previously said there was conflicting information about this in the application.

Arncott resident Rebecca Panter said on Facebook: “This would be awful for the village.”

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