RESIDENTS can now enjoy a freshly served pint of beer delivered to their front door thanks to a pub's new initiative.

The Red Cow pub in Chesterton, near Bicester, bought a specially adapted van that has beer taps in the rear of the vehicle.

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Landlord Paul Reeve and his wife Terri originally purchased the van to be used for future events, but decided it would be useful during lockdown to help provide customers with draught beer - something that has been missed when pubs have closed.

Mrs Reeve said: "We started delivering about three weeks ago. We hope to set up a mobile bar business that people can hire for their own parties/events, but after talking to people the one thing they were missing during lockdown was draught beer.

"As people can still buy wines, spirits and bottles in the supermarket we found there wasn't a market for anything else (drink wise), but no one can get a draught beer which is what people enjoy from the pub.

"As the van had the equipment in the back we thought we would give it a go and see if it went well."

People send the Red Cow team their orders through Facebook or by ringing the pub and Mr Reeve - who has been the landlord for four and a half years - drives to their home and pulls the pint fresh from the van.

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The pub also delivers takeaway food and Mrs Reeve says the deliveries have been well received by people in Chesterton and Bicester.

She added: "The support from everyone has been overwhelming and we've been busy every weekend with it."

The pub put procedures in place when it reopened after the first lockdown to ensure it was Covid-secure and was awarded the Best of the Best Trip Advisor Travellers Choice Award 2020.

But it has been closed since the end of October because the restrictions in place after the November lockdown made it too difficult for them to operate safely.

Mrs Reeve, who has lived in Chesterton with her husband for almost eight years, said: "We were just too small inside and couldn't cover costs with the substantial meal and one household per table restrictions.

"A lot of our regulars come in individually to meet up with friends to have a drink and a chat so they couldn't do that all sitting on individual tables."

The pub was renovated during the first lockdown last year and it is hoped its outdoor space will be well used when pubs can reopen again next month.

She added: "We're lucky when we come out of this lockdown because we have a great outdoor space so hopefully if the weather is kind to us we should have a great start to the reopening.

"We'll still be offering our food and beer takeaway and delivery services - which we now have extended to Bicester and surrounding villages - for those shielding and those who are still a bit cautious of visiting the pub.

"We're looking forward to people being in the pub again, the buzz of the pub, the noise of people chatting amongst themselves and laughing, having a good time."

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