WHAT is probably the most controversial development proposal in Oxfordshire has almost come to an end.

Plans to build a huge water park resort called Great Wolf Lodge in the village of Chesterton, near Bicester, have repeatedly been slammed by residents and councillors.

Bicester water park resort: A round-up of the story so far

It was refused by Cherwell District Council but later appealed, with the appeal hearing coming to a close at the end of this week.

We asked whether you would like to see the resort come to Oxfordshire and this is what you said:

RUTH DEVINE: "I think it would be great to have a place for families nearer. The government wants us all to exercise more and a fun healthy way to enjoy the day with your family is ideal."

LISA NEWPORT: "Yes I support this. Would be great to have something like this more local."

TRUDI LEE: "It's a resort, a destination, not for locals. Day tickets are a fob off."

SIAN QUINN: "I think it’s a good thing, it would bring a lot more people into the town which I think is sadly dying. We went to Butlins and when we’re there every lunch time we would walk into the town and have lunch rather than in the resort.

"It will create a lot more jobs for people. Overall I think it’s a good idea."

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GEORGE KNIGHT: "We were told that people shopping in Bicester Village would visit the town, I’m thinking you’re probably wrong if you think people staying at the resort will visit the town."

JULIE EVANS: "I can't think of anything worse.

SAMANTHA CASTLE: "This would be amazing, so many jobs created and it would bring visitors from all over. What is wrong with this council, they give planning permission to keep on building houses, but where is there for kids and families to go for pleasure?"

"I disagree with all the extra housing being built and retail parks. This would be brilliant for families and kids. People are more than happy for houses to be built, but what about the amenities? What is actually being done for today’s children and families?

LINDSAY EASTWOOD: "This will not be for use by locals and only for people staying at the resort. Also it would be built on a flood plain which is disastrous for the area and would not be able to cope with the extra traffic."

SOPHIE BOLTON: "This would of been great."

STEVE WHEELER: "It's do-gooders like these that mean we don't have anything nice in the area. Even if it is a resort, I'm sure that daily tickets will also be available as that just makes business sense. Fully support more for families to do locally."

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MANDY ARTHUR: "It makes business sense just to take bookings from wealthy foreign tourists who want to be near Bicester Village.

"To be honest, if GWR [the applicant] were willing to sort out the flood plain issues and build their own junction off the M40 it wouldn’t be so bad. The road between junction 10 and the A34 could be a nightmare pre-Covid lockdown - there's a reasonable chance that this resort would make it a permanent problem."

RACHAEL HELEN: "But they’re trying to build on flood plains which will then result in the villages being flooded and destroyed. Sad really it’s not for the community it’s a resort."

CHELSEA: "Get real people, this isn't a leisure centre where you can just turn up and go for a swim. It's a holiday resort costing over £300 per night for a family of four approx.

"Day passes if given out will be when it's their least busy time which is usually during school time and that will not be cheap.

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"The proposed site for this monstrosity is on an already established golf course with numerous lakes and lots of natural habitat and wildlife. This is going to be replaced with a swathe of concrete and tarmac but that's ok the kids need something to do.

"Get a grip the carbon footprint on this build is incomprehensible and thereafter especially at a time when we are trying to save the planet. Again that's ok as the kids need something to do, right?"