THE Prime Minister reportedly wants to ease coronavirus rules to allow families to be reunited but according to one cabinet minister it is too early to say whether it will be able to go ahead.

Business secretary Alok Sharma's comments followed reports households would be allowed to mix indoors for a five-day period starting on Christmas Eve.

Here’s what readers said about a possible easing of restrictions for the festive season;

Donna Lee Horton: “I don’t think it should be eased, its just one day, I would prefer one day on my own, than the possibility of catching the virus and leaving my children and grand children without their nan, or other family members. All said and done, in the war families had six years of being parted from their loved ones, and people are moaning they can't be with loved ones for a day.”

Will Bayliss: “No, no mixing of households unless someone lives on their own and is in a support bubble. Small price to pay. If it’s totally relaxed I’m certain we’ll see the highest Covid death toll ever in January.”

Louise Emmett: “They should be eased full stop in my opinion. Time to get on with life again. If you are personally vulnerable, or scared, then by all means continue to shield, but it’s time for the rest of society to start paying back the debts and having some semblance of normal and letting people who work in everyday vital industries like travel, hospitality, beauty get back to their livelihoods with dignity.”

Steven Jennings: “Makes me laugh, ease the restrictions they're already eased for the kids at school, students at university, people working, the only restrictions I see are in your home and before they say about inside the kids at school are in a class rooms and students sit in all there friends rooms I do know that as well people are mixing at work and if in factories they're inside as well makes no sense as the kids and partners all go home from mixing.”

Craig Wilkinson: “I’d rather sacrifice this Christmas for a chance of a more normal life next year.”

Niss Snoek: “As much as I want to see family and friends my family will be staying at home for Christmas and New and after we think its safe to do so we will then see them."

Kelle Marie: “No. Our families mean everything to us all year, not just Christmas. Delaying our celebrations for the sake of health in everyone is the most Christian thing we can do...and remember why we celebrate Christmas.”

William O’Donnell: “I have no issues with being told what to do by Boris Johnson. He is a man of high moral fibre and impeccable honour, a champion of minorities and women’s rights, a man of the people who is incorruptible.”

David Cameron-Young: “Ease the restrictions, full stop. The majority of people have already had it, however mildly. If you feel vulnerable, then isolate yourself. Let everyone else get on with their lives. Once Brexit is done, this will miraculously disappear, and Boris will either resign or call and election.”

Kerry China-lee: “If they are going to ease them over Christmas then they may as well just ease them now, it’s a silly idea, do they think it won’t spread over them couple of days?!”

Lauren Robson: “No, it’s one day people have plenty of other Xmas! Some people have lost jobs, family members and lots more for this pandemic surely we can help them for this year rebuild their lives by not mixing and not upping the R number for lots more to be in their situation, we will pay for it massively in the long run.”

Christian Hodgkinson: “No.... am not willing to pay with 25 days further lockdown for five days of Xmas.... Jan is depressing enough as it is without being locked down too!”

Nicola Bailey: “I can’t understand why they want to open it for five days?! Surely it should be one-two day either Christmas day and/or Boxing day (For those who work Christmas day). That way we will only have to isolate for five/10 days. It’s ridiculous to open up for 5 days, it’s not needed!”