OXFORDSHIRE County Council has warned only to get a Covid-19 test if you are displaying symptoms.

The council says that due to rising demand, there is a national problem with testing capacity and that public health directors across the country are continuing to highlight this to the Government.

Tests can be taken at either the Oxford Brookes University campus in Headington or Oxford Parkway, while the council said there are hopes of securing an additional testing site in Oxford as well as further sites across the county.

It is essential that people do not turn up at their local A&E asking for a test.

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Ansaf Azhar, Oxfordshire’s director for public health, said: “Oxfordshire has had among the highest rates of testing in the south east region. However, as with other parts of the country, we do have an issue with rising demand. We are therefore actively urging people not to book a test if they are not symptomatic. If you don’t have Covid-19 symptoms, please do not book a test, you could be taking a test away from someone who really needs it.

“Booking slots are made available the evening before for morning appointments, and on the morning for afternoon appointments. There are times therefore during the day where test booking may not be available. Booking slots are released continuously, so people who are symptomatic should come back later to the website or 119 service and reattempt their booking”.

Pre-book a test by calling 119 or registering online.