A RACING prodigy from Oxfordshire competed in a national championship that has produced world-famous professional drivers like Lewis Hamilton.

Milo Manderson, who lives in Bicester, already has an adrenaline-fuelled career in go-kart racing even though he is only nine.

With accolades from previous championships across the country, Milo’s skills were put to the test when he was given the chance to race in a Mini Rok earlier this year – a kart much faster than his usual Honda.

His mother Louise O’Brien said he loved the faster speed vehicle and said that he wanted to race with the new kart instead and take his driving further.

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This is why Milo’s parents decided to enter him in Superone, the national competition that drivers like Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button used to race in.

The championship involved six rounds ending at Shenington Kart Racing Club in Banbury where the youngster finished sixth and collected his first trophy.

Mrs O’Brien was unsure how he would do as it has been difficult for the nine-year-old to practice his skills during lockdown.

However, she revealed that Milo got a new sponsor AE Racing, a local company that specialises in ‘unbelievably realistic’ race simulators.

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She added: “This was amazing for Milo as he could continue to practise from his own play room.

“There was no pressure on him to enter the competition but he just wanted to learn the tacks and the new kart.

“He came ninth in the championship, which we are all super impressed with.

“Alongside this Milo has also been competing in another IKR Championship at Fulbeck in Lincolnshire, which he is currently leading.”

The youngster began learning how to race when he was just five after his father Matt Manderson bought him his first kart for Christmas.

Milo was hugely inspired by his dad and his grandad, who both love the sport and also competed.

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His father raced in lots of different championships such as LMP3, GT3 and Goodwood while his grandad, who Milo is named after, raced in Sports 2000 and special saloons.

The nine-year-old then spent two years karting ‘just for fun’ practising at Whilton Mill and just before he turned seven he entered a ‘Bambinio’ championship.

The next year Milo decided to move up to cadet kart racing where he was one of the youngest.

Mrs O’ Brien said: “I was so nervous for him to move up so quickly without much experience.

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“Milo was very keen and confident and had to train to be much stronger to drive the bigger kart.

“But he then went to win the Shenington IKR Honda cadet championship near Banbury.”

To follow Milo’s racing journey visit the Facebook page 77 Milo’s Per Hour.